Manage you hair…Smooth, straighten, curl, de-frizz
We offer a couple different types of treatments for your hair… depending on your hair texture and desired result, we can customize the right treatment for you.

Brocato SuperSilk
100% Free of Formaldehyde Safe Smoothing

• Takes hair Texture from Unruly, Curly & Frizzy toward Silky and Straight!
• Formulated for hair that is coarse or resistant, has high-lift or highlights and works well with hair color and other chemical services.
• Silk and Sericin Protein Complex nourish and fortify for long-lasting healthy, shiny condition.
• Improves Manageability and Saves Styling Time!
• Treatment slowly works its way out of the hair and will return to its natural state.  Longevity is based on home care and amount of washing.  Maintaining with Supersilk hair care is recommended for best results.
• Multiple ways to apply for customized results… ask your stylist which is best for you!

1. Silky Shine – Softest result – lasts for a couple of weeks – great for dull, thick, coarse hair
Demi Shine Treatment infused with SuperSilk – $29
Add SuperSilk to any Color for an additional $16

2. Silk Express – Lasts for approximately 4-6 weeks – great for Frizz, thick, coarse, dull hair and controls humidity.
Will condense your texture and reduce blow-dry time
Applied to deeply cleansed hair during a haircut appointment. Product is worked thru during cutting process, then pushed into hairs cuticle during blow-dry style and sealed in with quick flatiron application. $44+ haircut purchase
Express with Dry and Iron style- $69

3. SuperSilk Max – Includes take home Shampoo and Conditioner to help longevity of treatment and for it to work to its fullest potential – Lasts approximately 12 weeks! $242 3 hrs
Will condense hairs thickness, reduce frizz and coarseness, repels humidity, softens curl and Fast drying!
Applied per section to deeply cleansed hair. process with or without heat for customized results. Thoroughly dried into hair and intensely flat ironed to fully penetrate into the hair.

Surface Smooth & Healthy
All treatments include take home hair care to help it work to its fullest potential.
This treatment can be use in 3 different ways.
1. Hair Bath – 1 hr appointment – $115  Reduces frizz and adds shine while keeping your curl.  Will soften natural soft curls. Lasts for about 2 months and hair will return to original state. May still need to touch-up with flatiron but may not be necessary
2. Curl Reduction – 2 hr appointment – $180  Depending on the hair’s texture, may aggressively loosen curl or even straighten the hair.  Will make styling easier and faster while adding shine and reducing frizz. Touch-up with flatiron but may be necessary.  Lasts for about 2 months and hair will return to original state
3. Max Reduction – 3 hr appointment –  $265  Will relax curl and straighten wavy hair while adding shine, rid of frizz and make styling hair faster and easier.  May still need to touch-up with flatiron but may not be necessary.  Lasts for about 2 months and hair will need to be retouched to maintain treatment.

Perm services do not include Haircut or Blowout style
• Standard Perm $90+
approximately 2 hrs

• Specialty Perm $140+ –
approximately 3 hrs, includes 2 chemical application boxes
Customized to give you the luxurious bounce and wave you desire.

Add blowout to perm – $15
Add haircut to perm – please refer to you stylist haircut price